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Discover the new OpenShift 3 with Visual Studio IDE !

Click2Cloud presents beta version of the OpenShift Tool for Visual Studio 2015, develop & deploy .NET and other applications on OpenShift 3 straight from your Visual Studio. OpenShift Tool provides fully capable environment for your projects and aligns with the standard workflows within Visual Studio.

Click2Cloud's OpenShift Tool Beta 1 includes features:

  • Connect to OpenShift 3 servers using OAuth or Basic authentication
  • Manage your OpenShift 3 Projects
  • Deploy new applications in the Cloud, using pre-defined/Custom templates
  • Import existing applications in your Solution Explorer
  • OpenShift Explorer Window - The embedded Web Console.
  • Enable Port-Forwarding and access their data as if it was local.
  • Webhook build triggers
  • Monitor build log, pod log, app log via remote log streaming directly into your local Output window.

Not having OpenShift Environment?
You can try Click2Cloud's OpenShift PaaS to host .Net Applications for experimental purpose.

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